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US. Petway is a innovation design company, headquarters is set up at Adams County, Colorado. Chinese American Jeffrey.w establish by single proprietorship. Base on Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine to research pet medicine, health products and pet nursing products.

US. Petway company invest 1000,000,0 CNY to establish Paikewei (Shanghai) import and export trade Co., Ltd. At Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China. And 100% acquisition of TOMCAT high-end brand.  And company set up managing department, R&D,  marketing, HR, Finance, and after sales department.

TOMCAT advantage: health supplier chain. We have 120 suppliers and 500 dealers. We have the quality system for our brand product to guarantee the quality. Mature purchasing system keep us quick responsibility and also save produce cost.

Brand concept :Loving it in its lifetime, High quality life making balance between pet and human is our insisting belief.

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